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Dehumidifier & Air Conditioning Suppliers

British AirCon is an online shop specialising in air conditioning, dehumidifiers and air purifiers.  All air conditioning and dehumidifiers are selected for their quality, reliability and energy efficiencies.  You can find a wide range of air conditioning systems, including true DIY air conditioning systems, portable air conditioners and dehumidifiers


For those suffering from damp or simply wanting to dry their laundry we have three types of dehumidifier available - a Desiccant Dehumidifier range (especially good for drying laundry and use in low temperatures), a wide range of Compressor Dehumidifier models for domestic/office use and Industrial Dehumidifier models for warehouses, museums and swimming pools.

Air Conditioning

For the credit crunched, view our Energy efficient air conditioning range. The majority are heat pump air conditioning units which are extremely energy efficient, if you want to use as a heating source.

Split air conditioning

Split air conditioning has the indoor fan separated from the compressor, allowing you to enjoy a whisper quiet environment indoors.  The indoor fan of the split air conditioning can be a wall mounted air conditioning  or a ceiling cassette air conditioning or concealed system.  We have a wide range of wall mounted air conditioning you can choose from, varying from inverter air conditioning system to non inverter, with special plasma ioniser, vitamin C filter, silver ion filters to cater to most requirements.

Portable air conditioners

Portable air conditioning are also known as mobile air conditioning or monoblocs where the compressor and the fan coil are housed in a box with castor for mobility.  Portable air conditioners are not as quiet as a split air conditioning though simply because the compressor is placed in the same box.  Portable air conditioners are useful where a fixed split air conditioning is not a viable option and are required for temporary use or where noise is not a problem.