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Standard Air Conditioning Installation

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Air conditioning installations are carried out by our approved installation engineers. The package price is for a standard air conditioning installation based on the following criteria :

  • The air conditioning installed is to be at ground floor level.
  • The outdoor air conditioning unit is to be installed on the outside wall at a maximum height of 1m with brackets or anti vibration supplied as is required.
  • The condenser location must be easily accessible by commercial ladders and the wall must be capable of supporting the weight of the condenser if mounted on the wall.
  • The indoor air conditioning unit is to be mounted on the inside of an external wall within a 4 meters distance from the external unit.
  • Connecting the indoor unit and external unit with up to 4 meters of copper refrigerant pipework, passing through one standard brick cavity wall.
  • Connecting a gravity drain (for collected water) to the inside unit terminating at ground level externally and a drain from the external unit to a suitable place of termination up to 3m away.
  • Covering all air conditioning external pipework with an insulating foam jacket.
  • Connecting the electrical wiring (up to 5 meters) from the indoor unit to the external unit, secured to the refrigerant pipework.
  • Sealing holes made through brickwork with foam filler or Neoprene putty.
  • Connecting the finished air conditioning system to a 13amp, 20amp or 32A power supply (whichever is applicable) to commission it. Please note that the price does not include connection to your mains supply. If a 20A or 32A connection is required and not available this work must be carried out by your own electrician. Where there is no power supply adjacent (usually within a meter of the indoor unit), the commissioning will be carried out on an extension lead or a temporary supply. We can provide a spur or install a socket close to the indoor unit at a small additional cost.
  • The customer will receive a demonstration on the usage and features of the units.

This standard air conditioning installation applies to properties within 20 miles of our office. Additional charges will be incurred for travelling beyond this distance. Please telephone for a quote for longer distances on 0208 459 9155.

Please note that you must also ensure that you have all the necessary permissions to install the air conditioning from your local council and landlord where applicable. Any parking fees and congestion charges are chargeable at cost.

If you require installation above ground floor level there may be additional expenses for scaffolding or other access difficulties.

If there is a requirement to drain the collected water from the indoor unit by means other than the described gravity drain, then an additional charge may be incurred for the installation of a pump mechanism.

Our engineers are fully qualified and trained with Gas Safe Handling Certificates and years of experience.

Our engineers have experience with various types of buildings and applications, from small retail outlets, such as bank branches or shops, to large office blocks and factories. They will always ensure the work is carried out with safety in mind for you, your staff and themselves. Once installed you will hardly notice they are there except that your level of personal comfort will have improved dramatically.

The Prices indicated include the supply of the air conditioning unit and our air conditioning installation service based on a standard installation described above. Call us on 0208 459 9155 if you need help in choosing the right model, or to discuss any installation requirements which do not meet the standard installation criteria outlined here. We may need to carry out a site survey before the installation where a small charge will be made to cover the expense of the site survey which is deductible from the price of the installation.

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